Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) – new depths of joint support

You may well of heard about methyl sulphonyl methane or MSM, as it’s more commonly referred to. It’s a key ingredient for health and while it sounds complex, it has a few simple yet important functions in the body.

MSM’s epic journey from ocean to cells

MSM is a naturally occurring organosulfur compound – basically biological sulphur. It starts its epic journey in the depths of the ocean where it is created by algae, phytoplankton and other marine microorganisms. From here, it is carried high into the sky as the ocean evaporates into clouds and later falls back to the earth in raindrops. It’s then absorbed into the soil where fruits, vegetables and grains soak up it. When these are consumed, the MSM passes from plant to person and pet, giving us all the benefits of this natural, well-travelled sulphur. However, as our food system becomes more commercialised and processed, levels of available MSM are falling, meaning none of us regularly get enough.

Why is MSM important?

The food we feed our pooches is containing less and less MSM and this is a problem. As a highly researched compound, MSM is now well known for its role in managing inflammation, joint and muscle pain, oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity. It’s a key component of all living cells but is particularly important for maintaining the health of tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. Deficiencies can mean cells, tissues and even organs don’t function at their best.

These powerful properties mean MSM supplementation is often recommended for supporting degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis in both humans and hounds. Not only does it benefit a healthy anti-inflammatory response, it also helps keep connective tissues in good condition. As well as this it prevents cartilage breakdown, maintaining the spongey protective barrier on the ends of bones. With this in mind, many owners add MSM to their dog’s diet to support aching joints during the golden years. However, it can be used as a preventative throughout a dog’s life, maintaining joint health and keeping aches and pains at bay no matter their age. This is especially important for breeds prone to musculoskeletal conditions and dogs in intense exercise or competition.

OM K9 Flexology

MSM is an incredible ingredient on its own, however many studies shows its effectiveness is even more significant when combined with other compounds such as glucosamine. Naturally, we decided to bring them together in our OM K9 Flexology product, where they’re also joined by hyaluronic acid (HA) and boswellia. Together these four ingredients provide complete joint care, keeping the joints strong whilst also maintaining the surrounding muscles, ligaments, tissues, cartilage and fluids. No matter their breed, size or age, this product keep pooches on their paws for longer.


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