Glucosamine – continuing natures joint protection

As we travel through life, it’s our joints, hearts and minds that we’re most keen to keep healthy. Our dogs are no different and so at OMK9 we’re constantly looking for ingredients which help support these three pillars of health.

When it comes to joint health, a key ingredient commonly recommended by veterinarians is glucosamine, an amino sugar made from glutamine and glucose. This molecule is produced naturally within a dog’s body and plays a key role in building and maintaining healthy cartilage in joints. Unfortunately as with many good things, less glucosamine is produced with age, so joints can become stiff and sore if the natural process isn’t supported.

 How does healthy cartilage support joints?


In joints, bone ends meet and glide against each other when movement occurs. If a joint is healthy, each bone end is covered by a rubbery layer of cartilage, known as articular cartilage. Along with joint fluid, articular cartilage helps reduce friction when bones move, allowing joints to slide comfortably and smoothly. 

 Although resilient, over time articular cartilage becomes fragile and damaged thanks to years of chasing balls and causing mischief. With this degeneration comes debilitating joint diseases such as canine osteoarthritis, which not only causes discomfort and pain but increases the rate of damage to the joint. Conditions affecting the joints can hugely impact daily doggy life and this is where a glucosamine supplement can make all the difference.

 Glucosamine is an essential building block in the natural production and repair of healthy articular cartilage, helping it maintain despite constant daily movement. It also benefits the health of collagen, joint fluid, tendons and ligaments too, keeping the whole joint in top condition throughout life.

 However, as we’ve already mentioned, natural glucosamine production declines with age, directly affecting our older dogs quality of life. As well as this, glucosamine can have a hard time keeping up with young working dogs who live with high impact, high stress training on a regular basis. To perform at their best, they need smooth and strong joints every day. This is where a supplement comes in, because while glucosamine production falls rather than stops, keeping levels topped up mimics the natural process of supporting articular cartilage, enabling dogs to work and play in comfort no matter their age or lifestyle.

 OM K9 Flexology

Naturally, we made sure this amino-sugar was in our canine supplement range, so you’ll find it in the OM K9 Flexology product. It joins the ranks with three more heroes of joint health; boswellia, methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) and hyaluronic acid (HA). Together these four ingredients provide complete joint care, keeping the joints strong whilst also maintaining the surrounding muscles, ligaments, tissues, cartilage and fluids. We love seeing the difference our research and development makes to dogs of all ages, whether they’re playful pets, helpful hounds or professional competitors. Man’s best friend deserves to bound and bounce in complete comfort, so grab your pot now.

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