Tried & Tested

July 2020 - This is Fran and this is her story. 

"She was rescued from a field in Wales with her sister at 4 months old.
At 18 months old ( very rare for a dog that young ) she got pyometra and we very nearly lost her.
Whether that had affected her immune system I'm not sure But at 3 years old we noticed she started getting blood and pus leaking out of lumps on her back, we took her to the vets and they prescribed her with antibiotics. It cleared up and a week later they were back, we went back to the vet, we were back and forth for a couple months trying to work out what was wrong. In the end it was worked out that Fran was allergic to life she was literally allergic to everything including human derma. She was put on Apoquel and it subsided the itching but she stank like rotting flesh, for nearly 4 months we battled with the smell of rotting dog thinking we were going to lose her. I then looked into OMK9 Turmeric Extra and started feeding it, within 2 weeks the smell had gone and the lumps on her back were gone, something the Apoquel hadnt done on it's own.
This stuff has literally saved her life! Thank you OMK9" Sam Cranshaw

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