Boswellia – an age old ingredient

Boswellia – an old ingredient with new tricks for dog joint health


Boswellia has been used in human and animal health for centuries. With its distinctive ‘Christmassy’ smell, it has been infused into our culture over thousands of years and in many texts is better known as Indian frankincense. The compounds which support health are found in bark of the Boswellia tree, where dense nutritional gum-resin is extracted as a thick liquid. It’s stored in a basket for a month to harden, resulting in aromatic tear-shaped pieces which are distributed from it native Indian and African continents around the world. 


What are the doggy health benefits of Boswellia?

The humans of past knew what they were talking about when it came to this fragrant gum-resin, and in recent years studies have proved it an infamous anti-inflammatory, as well as antimicrobial and wound healing super ingredient. For dogs this means it’s now widely used to support joints, aiding smooth and comfortable movement, elasticity and mobility, as well as benefiting connective tissues and the musculoskeletal system. To prove just how effective it is, one incredible study enrolled over 20 dogs with chronic joint pain and osteoarthritis. Each dog received a regular Boswellia supplement in their food for six weeks and after just two weeks, improvements were seen in 71% of the dogs. A significant reduction of lameness, local pain and stiff gait were later reported after six weeks, so this stuff really keeps our canines comfortable. 

 Unlike conventional anti-inflammatory drugs, Boswellia is a natural product and doesn’t damage cartilage when consumed. It also has the added benefit of being beautifully gentle on the digestive system and has been linked to maintaining digestive and liver health too. You’re barking up the right tree with this one.

 Is Boswellia suitable for all dogs?

Boswellia is known to be highly palatable and owners shouldn’t have a problem adding this lovely supplement to their dog’s food routine. Owners of fussy dogs do not fear. Generally, dogs of all ages and breeds can benefit from Boswellia, both pets and hardworking animals. We believe ingredients like this are key to maintaining joints, particularly in performance pooches that put high pressure on their bodies. If we can keep their joints healthy and strong throughout their life, we can hopefully protect them from discomfort as they mature.

 OM K9 Flexology

So, where can you get hold of this incredible natural supplement we hear you cry. You’ll find it in our OM K9 Flexology product where it’s joined by three more heroes of joint health; glucosamine, methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) and hyaluronic acid (HA). Together these four ingredients provide complete joint care, keeping the joints strong whilst also maintaining the surrounding muscles, ligaments, tissues, cartilage and fluids. We’re incredibly pleased with this product and so are our four-legged friends who feel bouncier than ever on it. 


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