Turmeric for curious canines

Turmeric; an ideal supplement for curious canines 

Our canines are wonderfully curious creatures and it’s safe to say they’re always up to mischief. The thing is, with curiosity comes a higher chance of picking up something nasty and so priority number one should always be maintaining a healthy and strong immune system.

This starts with good hydration and regular exercise, and from there owners can use natural supplements to boost the immune system even further. One of the best ingredients to do this with is turmeric, a vibrant yellow spice renowned to be one of the most powerful natural nutritional supplements in existence.


Turmeric’s super-compound; curcumin


Turmeric’s power lies in its main active ingredient; curcumin. Also referred to as ‘cure-curmin’, this compound is a proven and potent anti-inflammatory. While all animals need low levels of inflammation to respond to cuts, wounds and infection, too much can lead to chronic inflammation. This negatively impacts joint health, the heart, the immune system and is also a root cause of many serious diseases, none of which we want our pets to experience.


Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse but it doesn’t stop there. It’s also widely recognised for its antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal effects – all of which significantly support our pooches immune systems no matter what they decide to stick their nose into.


Can our dogs safety consume turmeric?


So, it’s all very well saying how good turmeric is – the big question is, is it safe for our dogs? The spice has been consumed by humans for thousands of years and has been the subject of countless studies. These studies have been conducted on animals and humans, and have agreed that the spice is safe for consumption. In fact, there may be low levels in your dog’s food already as it’s sometimes used to colour kibble to make it more appealing. There’s not enough in there for a health impact, so to really see the benefits we’ve mentioned, it’s best consumed as a dietary supplement.


OM K9 Turmeric Extra supplement


We’ve been using turmeric in our equine supplements for years, so when we decided to launch a canine range, the first product we developed was based on this ancient ingredient; it’s too important not to be there. We have witnessed first-hand the benefits for joints, the cardiovascular system and the all-important immune system, and feel strongly that our big-hearted hounds should feel the benefits too. To make sure it’s even more potent, we’ve purposely paired our turmeric with boswellia, linseed meal and sea buckthorn, three incredible ingredients for overall canine health. Together, they not only maintain a strong immune system but keep joints, tissues and doggy-digestion in top condition too.


All-in-all, turmeric has bark and bite when it comes to supporting canine health and we’re so proud to put it front and centre of our K9 range. To grab a pot for your pooch, click here.

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